Life Insurance

Couple with Life Insurance Newton, MA Agent

Every once in a while we face risks in life that may be fatal. What will happen to your dependents when you pass away? As a responsible individual, you would want your loved ones properly and adequately provided for when you leave this life. This is where Newton MA Insurance Agency can help. With the various options for life insurance here, we can assist you in customizing a life insurance that’s right for you and your family.

The most popular option is term life insurance which covers a specific amount of time. This period could be 3 years, 5 years or any other predetermined term you choose. With such a plan, you can use a term insurance policy as not only a life insurance product but as an investment tool. This way when your term insurance policy expires and you receive your lumpsum payment, you can use the money for an important cause such as paying your child’s college fees or investing in a home which your loved ones can have after you are not around.

Besides term life insurance, our agency also offers whole life, universal life, and variable life insurance policies. These are different from the basic term life insurance in that after you’ve made premium payments for a number of years, a cash value becomes attached to it. You can withdraw part of it or all of this cash value.

Whole life insurance in Newton MA means you are insured for as long as you live provided that you are consistent in paying premiums. That is why it is also called permanent insurance. Also, you don’t need to renew your policy with this type of insurance. With a universal life insurance, you can choose to vary your premiums payment schedule and how much you pay. But these are subject to some limits.

To find the right life insurance product for you, call our hotline and set up a risk-free consultation with one of our trusted insurance agents.